Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thing No 23

Library2Play has been quite the discovery process. My personal favorites have been the RSS feed and readers along with Library Thing. They are now part of my daily online experience. This program has provided clear and concise instructions, which have made this a very enriching experience. I particularly like the fact that we can refer back to these instructions should the need arise. (I do believe that’s a sure thing, in my case!) I now truly have the desire to continually develop these skills, and I know I can do it!

I expected to be more frustrated with the various ‘Things.’ Instead, I was pretty much on a roll until near the end. My family, friends, and even acquaintances have all heard about my current ‘Thing.’ My only suggestion is that it would be fun if the format allowed us to know who else is working on the same ‘Thing’ for peer support and interaction.

I definitely plan to take the two sequels. But first, I want to practice and become proficient with many of these first Twenty Three.

Library2Play is the way

To be in the know with Web 2.0!

Thing No 22

Like many of the other ‘Things’ before it, I totally lost track of time looking at the Nings. I can see many applications for communication, especially in classes such as performing arts or debate. I think it is a great venue for sharing ideas with other teachers, as well as useful in the classroom for collaborative projects or reflection.

Thing No 21

Thing 21 - I do like Photo Story, and think it would work especially well for end of the year presentations. I did spend far too much time attempting to get the music to last long enough to come to a satisfying close. After I had already begun uploading, it occurred to me that all I needed to do was add an extra picture! I noted the warnings that the uploading could take awhile. I diligently kept checking back for about an hour, and then retrying multiple times over the past two days. I will keep trying, and then will publish an edited post when the upload it successful.

Thing No 12

I thought about my experience in reading blog comments. I do stop and consider those that contribute to the conversation. I also appreciated the admonition to ‘remember the power of words.’ When a tone of civility and respect is communicated, even strikingly different viewpoints can be expressed in a thought provoking way.

I responded to ‘Cheap, Healthy, Good’ and ‘I’m an Organizing Junkie.’ I greatly admire the philosophy of the writers and found much helpful information there. I have made a commitment to respond meaningfully to a frequently read elementary music discussion board.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thing No. 20

This thing was a little tricky for me. I had browser difficulties accessing UTube and Teacher Tube. I wanted to install the Zamzar button, but that was problematic, as well. Hopefully my video of choice will embed in this post, and my mood will measurably lift!

The video shows a fourth grade student interviewing the accappella group 'Straight, No Chaser.' It shows good interviewing skills as well as leading to many musical connections. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thing No 19

And the winners are. . . . an amazing list!

I stumbled across this tool when working on a previous ‘thing.’ It is fascinating!
I’ve just returned from a Danube River cruise and can’t wait to go again. So the travel award had immediate appeal.
I immediately added Bing to my Google reader.

I think this would be a valuable resource for librarians to use in guiding research on the applicable topics.

Thing No 18: Online Office Tools

Open Office could be the great equalizer when classroom computers have various stages of word processing programs. I’m glad to know about it, but in my particular teaching assignment, I probably will not put it into use.

It could also be useful for those extended family members and others who are just getting started with computers, and who wish to limit their investment.